I would have never gotten into college of my choice if it wasn't for you. Thank you so much! 
– Blake

You have helped my daughter more than any single person in her entire education. Thank you!
– John, Parent

Our two kids have both excelled and turned their grades around from C, D and F’s to A & B’s. I am extremely pleased and THANKFUL for your tutoring.
– Russell, Parent

You didn't just help me with math, you touched my life. I'm so glad I came to get help from you. Super big thanks!
– Malika, 11th grade

From working with you, I now have a better understanding of math. I can keep up in class without feeling confused and lost. I enjoy learning instead of hating it.
– Kimi, 11th grade

I just want to thank you so much! You have helped me more than ever. I have only been to three sessions so far and I can’t tell you how much it’s helped me already! Thank you so much!  
– Ashlynn, 10th Grade

After coming to you for tutoring I'm such a better student. I see what I was doing wrong while studying it and can now study better on my own. I went from getting C's, D's and F’s to getting A's and B’s on my own! And I remember the stuff too!
– Vik, 10th grade

You’re the one who really is my teacher. My teacher at school works hard but I just don't understand. I come here, you answer all my questions, and make it simple as well as fun. Yes, math is now fun! Crazy!

– Murad, 10th grade

Because of Paula I not only graduated, but also have a career I enjoy and that pays well. My future was looking pretty bleak before I started coming to her. In 4 months she helped me change my life around as a fourth year 9th grade student. I was failing to say the least. Now I'm successful and happy in life. “Thank you” doesn’t say enough.
– Justin, Student

My daughter began homeschooling in 3rd grade because the social situations were too much. I tried to “fix it” but couldn’t. I don't know how this happened but after getting tutoring from Paula for two months my daughter somehow had the self confidence to face going to public school again, starting at 9th grade. I cannot thank her enough for how she helped my daughter!
– Ken, Parent

Paula Fair has been a tremendous help with my studies. In the entirety of my K-12 education I was never able to understand and apply math until her tutoring. She not only made it comprehensible, she made it fun! I was preparing to go from High School into college and needed to up my test scores. She made a crucial step in my education virtually painless and was an indescribable contribution to my future. Her positive outlook and patience were incredible. I couldn't have done it without her!
– Amanda, Student

Paula you are amazing at helping me out, not just as a tutor but as a human being. You make sure I know everything I need to know and won't stop until I do. I’m sorry you moved away. I don’t think I'll ever find another tutor like you. You’re smart in every aspect and make me feel so comfortable and happy. You always have a smile on your face and never let me down. As you know, my struggle is math. You tutored me on it and by the end of the year I got an A! It was fantastic! I had a great experience with you and I'm sure your next students will too.
– Melinda, 11th grade 

When I first came for tutoring I was very unsure because I didn't think any teacher could help. They are all too serious, stiff and just don't communicate the ideas to me. My two best friends were getting tutoring from Paula & convinced me to give it a shot. The consultation was free so I very reluctantly came. Ever since that first session I have easily learned my pre-calculus! She is real and I somehow just understand it when I talk to her. Thank you, Paula. I couldn't have graduated with honors without you. 

– Neil, Student